“How To Double Your Gym Memberships Within 60 Days, Without Newspapers, Radio Or Other Expensive Advertising”

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... yes, even if you're up against global chains down the street, and even if you're in the middle of a financial crisis.


Dear Fellow Gym Owner,

Hey, my name is Dar Rhett and today I want to show you some specific techniques to turn your gym into a profitable business, even if your bills are currently higher than your till receipts...

... and if you pay close attention and follow my advice, then you will be amazed at how quickly things can change for you and your fitness business.

In fact, I'm going to show you how to double your current membership base and keep them on your books for longer, without having to drop your prices or buy new equipment.

You see, here's the thing...

I know why most gym owners go bust...

You know the story. Mike sets up a gym, works 70 hrs a week, and can't afford to pay himself.

Then he starts losing members because of that new “GloboGym“ down the street. So he cuts his prices, runs paid advertising, and within 2 years, he's out of business.

When you ask Mike what went wrong, like many other gym owners, he says...

“People are working out at home a lot more these days...”

“There's too much online competition from quick fix scams”

“The gym business is tough, and there's no money in it for independents”

“The recession is killing the small gym business”

And he's right... these are all real problems for gym owners like you and Mike, but there's one thing Mike failed to realize:

Your small gym can succeed, when you simply try a different approach.

As you know, running a gym is a unique business. There are so many different types of potential customer, and so many ways to entice people into your gym... that even the smallest gym can make money alongside the toughest competition today.

Take Red Lerille for example... he opened his gym in 1960 and he's still running it today, making a fortune as an independent gym owner.

And on a smaller scale, even as I walk around my local town with a population of less than 100,000 I see at least 3 small independent gyms that have stood the test of time.

When you start working smart like these guys do, you don't have to work so hard.

What does working smart really mean?

It means simple little twists that make a big difference to your bottom line, such as:

  • Targeting baby-boomers that have more money and won't tear up your gym every night

  • Or... understanding who your local audience is, and what they really want from your gym

  • Or... making sure passing traffic notices your gym and feels inclined to walk in

  • Or... getting the word out for pennies on the dollar

  • Or... becoming the “go-to” gym for local residents because they like and trust you

  • Or... getting people to talk about you with excitement

  • Or... adding services that boost your revenue and cost little to set up

  • Or... breaking the competition by offering things they simply cannot

And that's just the start. But here's the thing...

Big chains cannot compete as easily as you think

There's so much red tape in big chains, that it takes months to put one new idea into practice. By that time, you could have dozens of different marketing strategies working for you.

And yes, it's a race against the clock...

Because the sooner you brand your local gym as the ONLY place people recognize and want to hang out, the sooner you will start making profits and growing your membership base through free word of mouth.

You see, it's all about mindshare. The more people hear about you over the local GloboGym, the more likely you'll be seeing them walk through your doors every night and day.

And we're not talking about anything complicated here...

In fact, what I'm about to teach you is so simple, you'll probably kick yourself for not thinking about it sooner.

We're talking about simple, low cost, highly effective tricks you can use to boost your local presence and generate new gym members within days.

Sure, there will be some things that you've never thought about before, but there will also be things that make perfect sense the first time you hear about them.

The bottom line is, if you follow this advice, then I guarantee you'll double your membership base within 60 days or less.


The Small Gym Survival Kit:
“How To Flood Your Gym With Eager New Paying Clients Almost Overnight”

Marketing a Gym

This 140 page guide walks you through dozens of marketing techniques that you can use to boost your gym memberships very quickly.

You don't need lots of time and money either. In fact, you don't even need any marketing savvy to pull these simple techniques off.

But you'll be glad you did, because just one or two of these techniques can totally turn your business around within days.

Inside, you're going to discover...

  • How to mind-read your perfect new customer... once you know what people want from your gym, why they want it, and how they want it... you'll be able to attract new members like bees to pollen (and this won't cost you a penny to find out.)

  • How to appeal to different audiences... are you attracting the same people, over and over? Are you missing out on a massive market in your local area? I'll show you how to uncover a hidden goldmine of new customers today

  • Why you need a USP... and how to get one. If you don't have a USP or don't know what a USP is, then this is essential reading (this is also the reason why your newspaper adverts aren't working.)

  • Are your staff helping or hurting you? You may be surprised to find out that your staff are partly responsible for no business... and how to quickly turn this around

  • A simple, free strategy that pulls in floods of local residents and gets new members signed up on the spot (hardly any small gym is doing this, and it's crazy to ignore.)

  • How to get your website set up for pennies... and exactly what you need to include on your website to encourage calls and visits (hint- it's not about having an “about us” page or a “contact us” page...)

  • How to generate additional revenue from your gym website, and attract new members whilst making a side income (sneaky, but highly effective)

  • How to get your website found on page #1 of Google, without spending money on advertising

  • How to use ________ to become known as “the” local gym expert in your area, and where to use these _______ to get tons of free local and national exposure within weeks (this is a backdoor way to promote your gym, without needing to do any paid advertising or hard selling.)

  • An old, cheap and massively overlooked local marketing method that has nothing to do with newspapers or the internet (and actually works better than both.)

  • How to get featured in your local newspaper for free (often with a half page dedicated to your business.)

  • Multiple tips to retain new and old memberships, using simple marketing offers and activities that engage your members

  • Specific classes you can add to your gym to boost your appeal (this is a great way to quickly increase revenue, and attract new members that would never have signed up before.)

  • Why you should always use a __________ and examples of how to set one up (this is a proven way to drastically increase membership sign ups)

  • Examples of additional products you can sell at your gym to boost your revenue

  • How to get your current members to become your mobile sales team

  • How to get other local businesses to promote your gym without any upfront money at risk

  • How to leverage charity events for additional exposure and credibility

  • The best time to market your business in the year

  • How to handle cash flow and the best time to get more credit from the bank (it's usually the opposite of what people think.)

  • How and why you need to use _______ programs to retain customers and encourage more spending at your gym

  • How to use _________ to teach people what you know about fitness and nutrition, without leaving your home, and subsequently signing up more members that any traditional advertising can

  • And dozens more tricks and tips that you've probably never heard of before...

marketing health clubs

Forget wasting hundreds on newspaper adverts that don't work. These marketing strategies will not only save you hundreds in essential marketing activities, but will also bring in real, targeted members for life.

Which means you'll get everything you need to start profiting from your own gym, without working yourself into the ground or struggling to make ends meet.

How do I know this will work for you?

Several of the techniques found inside this report have been used by local gym owners in my area, to bring them more repeat business each month.

These are small gyms that have used these simple marketing techniques to survive recessions, internet competition, global chains and more.

And it's not hard either. This is marketing 101, but with some modern twists that anyone can use to pull in more business today.

The sad thing is, most gym owners don't realize how many different advantages they have when it comes to pulling in members.

So instead, they run some newspaper adverts and cross their fingers. But you don't have to be one of these “hopefuls” who stands to lose everything.

Once you see how many different ways you can leverage your expertise, you'll never look back at traditional high cost advertising again.

The world is changing, and if you want your gym to succeed in 2011 and beyond, then you need to know how to reach people in a way that makes them feel compelled  to sign up to your gym.

There are specific ways you can do this as a gym owner... from using your knowledge and expertise, to triggering people's emotions, to getting free exposure to thousands of local residents...

... it's not difficult once you know how.

In fact, you already have everything you need to make this work. And I'm so sure of that, I'm offering you...

60 Day Guarantee-         My 60 Day, 100% Guarantee To You

I'm so confident in these marketing strategies... and I'm so sure that you'll be able to make them work for you, that I'm willing to put my own money where my mouth is.

I'm going to let you test drive these gym marketing strategies for the next 60 days.

Try a few of them out, poke around, and start seeing the results for yourself.

And if, for some crazy reason, you don't see an increase in your current gym membership levels, then I don't want you to pay a single penny for this guide.

Remember, I'm only offering this rare guarantee because I know from personal experience, along with dozens of other small gym owners, that these marketing methods work every time you apply them.

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To your upcoming success,

Dar Rhett

Guarantee 60 DaysP.S - Remember, I'm offering a 60 day trial of this stuff... and if it doesn't work for you, then you don't pay a single penny. Simply contact me at any time for a full and prompt refund.

P.P.S - Running a local gym isn't easy, but it can make you a very nice income when you're running a gym to full capacity every day and night, and you're not spending a fortune on newspaper advertising or radio spots.

In this guide, you'll get so many marketing strategies that you'll never run out of free or low cost ways to pull in new members every single month, no matter what kind of competition you're up against.

So give yourself the upper hand for once. Download now, try this out, and see for yourself. After all, you've got nothing to lose but a lot to gain from this.

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